Guide for Landlords

Over the forth coming months we aim to provide a wide range of articles for both current and new property landlords. The aim of our articles is to provide guidance, help, advice and money saving tips to help landlords optimise their investment.

1. Building Relationships With Local Plumbers

It is easy for a landlord to over look plumbers and engineers in terms of a maintenance agreement. Granted, many plumbing, boiler and heating problems are few and far between per property. Paying a monthly retainer to a plumber can sometimes be cost-effective but in many cases it works out more costly.

Relationships Are Key
Relationships are key in business and the same applies within the property industry and property market. If you are an independent Landlord with anything between 2-10 properties, we suggest you look at the idea of building a relationship up with a trusted local plumber or engineer rather than going down the maintenance contact route. It terms of businesses, having a good relationship can be a win win, for you and the local plumber.It give both your business and the plumbers business flexibility as well as providing the plumber with a steady stream of work in the long-term, without you having to may constant monthly costs.

How To Find A Plumber
The key to a great relationship is trust, start off on the right foot, by selecting a plumber with a good proven track record, solid financials, good reviews, experience within the industry and all the qualifications. Simply use as many means to obtain details about a certain plumber, word of mouth, reviews, online and yell etc. Whether you are looking for a local plumber in London, a engineer in Essex or a boiler repair specialist in Dagenham, it is important to ensure you are building the relationship with the right plumber or engineer

Our Thoughts Are Supported
We have shared our views and thoughts on this subject via other means and have been supported by Boiler Breakdowns who are local plumbers, engineers and specialists in Boiler Repairs in London. They support our thoughts and suggestions on the benefit of building local relationships with local plumber, local businesses and local landlords. For more information about Boiler Breakdowns see: